Relaunch of the blog

Some of you may notice that some of the content that used to be on this site has disappeared.  I recently fell victim to the Drupalgeddon attack that affected hundreds of thousands of Drupal sites, and as a result had to make some tough decisions about what content to recover from old database dumps.  I took this opportunity to drop a lot of the outdated content and instead start over mostly from scratch with a site on Sitemason.

Sitemason, for those who don't know about it, is a hosted proprietary CMS that allows for developer customization of the CMS content creation interface and the end-user facing generated site while at the same time taking care of managing the servers for you.  After around 20 years of hosting my own sites I've decided that letting someone else manage security patches and operating system infrastructure while I focus on content creation is an attractive prospect :-).  Look for changes to site look/feel to continue as I tweak the template I'm using to better match my vision for the site.